2017 ❤️? Fundraising results - THANK YOU!!

This year's HeartStrings fundraiser through food sales, 50/50 and sponsor prize raffles brought in $1100 for the VFW partner charities. The Post was able to immediately respond to an emergency request from Immanuel Shelter for $250 to house people left out in the recent colder than average temperatures. The total shown does not include the sales brought in at the bar and the VFW's 'Bucket Of Cheer' raffle. That revenue benefits the VFW's non-profit operating costs and most importantly veterans and their families in need of crucial services like housing, food, utility bills, etc. The VFW also provides for veterans families where the veteran has passed away. This is one of the many reasons we (Bettenroo) partner with the Rehoboth Beach VFW to bring the best of the best together to celebrate, enjoy some great music, art, food, camaraderie, community diversity and be able to channel the monies collected to help people that need our help. We seriously cannot thank everyone enough for being a part of this very positive spirited day that was as down-home, thoughtful, caring as it gets!  

Lori & Anne 

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