Music & Lyrics by Lori Jacobs

They came from all directions, from places they call home
A common bond together, where no one stood alone
The masses were assembled in harmony and peace
A gathering of confidence that hate could not defeat

Come gather all your family, there's nothing here to fear
It's not the time for silence, let them know you're here

They marched down the avenue no unity denied
Sisters and brothers together side by side
A shining light was cast that day, for hope and love, not greed
Solidly they stood their ground, rejecting bigotry


Makes no difference who you are, diversity accepted
The fabric of our world exists when all of us protect it

Those who sought to persecute, used darkness, hate and lies
They choose what they believe's their right with only them in mind
Solid in community, neighbors join along
Fight with all the good you got, speak out and be heart strong

CHORUS (Twice)