From the recording Live Out Loud

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Music by Lori Jacobs & Anne Davey
Lyrics by Kris Tremaine (primary) Lori Jacobs & Anne Davey (arrangement)
Produced by Static Puppy Productions

For Becky in loving memory of Matthew Tremaine


If the day ever comes When I lose all my strength
Too wrung out to whisper, too weary to think
Through thick and thin a lifetime of love
I'll stay with you baby, no matter the lengths

Know in your heart, that I loved you so
Know it’s okay, baby, just let me go, let me go
If the day ever comes

When I draw my last breath, please don’t you weep
I will visit you in sweet dreams while you sleep
And I know in your heart my memory you’ll keep
I'll still be beside you if the day ever comes


Have a room filled with stories and laughter and song
A celebration of life All evening long
I won't forget you, will you forgot me
Keep me there in your heart and there I will be
If the day ever comes.

Wind swept Autumn leaves take me away
Time heals all hearts but the memory stays
We learn while we live, laugh and we play
Left piecing together the life that we made


(Alternate last verse - KT)
And when the time comes on an October day
My swift Autumn passage Will take me away
Friends and family mourning my death
I’ll watch over you ‘til we meet again