1. Outta My Mind

From the recording Live Out Loud

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Music & lyrics by Lori Jacobs & Anne Davey
Produced by Static Puppy Productions


I’m looking for some promise in a situation gone wrong
Wishin all the time that we would've returned strong
I'm sorta in this mode of sorta sorting stuff to sort
Confused and dazed on shaky ground I feel the bottom drop out

Outta my mind when it hit me Take a bow to my thoughts
Get these obstacles outta here I can hardly take much more

Give me back that map I had that shows me where to go
It seems I can't connect the dots or find the correct flow
It doesn't take too long, to understand what's been going wrong
I'd rather get there quickly and put the lyrics to this song

Now knock me off my pedestal and laugh me in the face
I do not care what view is had it's me I need to sate
Does nothing to be angry, does nothing to be sad
Pick up the pieces left behind and throw em in my bag