1. Route 95

From the recording Live Out Loud

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Music by Lori Jacobs
Lyrics by Lori Jacobs & Sharon Bitler
Produced & recorded by Static Puppy Productions


Cruising up Route 95, through Boston into Maine
It’s a late summer day and we’re running away
Got the guitar and champagne

The past recalls the midnight ride, and the battles of Old Ironsides
We’re rolling back the hands of time along the trolley line

Just one step ahead of a hurricane, heading up the coast again
Virga kissing ocean spray, misty morning leads our way

Down East where the tide wanes to the rising sun
Looking back on everything, we’ve seen and could’ve done
Are we running to or running from…

Now the miles gone by are shadows of the setting sun
There’s really nothing sweeter, than heading home with you by my side…..