1. Recognize Me

From the recording Live Out Loud

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Music & lyrics by Lori Jacobs & Anne Davey
Produced by Static Puppy Productions


I’m kickin’ through these days like a gypsy lost in dream
Wondering what the truth will bring if it could just be seen
The lonely days and sleepless nights have played an active role
In casting doubt and fear away to sense and find my call

Recognize the laughter, Recognize the touch
Recognize the part of me that’s missed you way too much
In simple conversation there’s another hint or two
There isn’t much to go by just the memory of you

It seems I just get started just to maybe start again
Life slipping through my fingers like the sands against the wind
Being here or being there it’s nearly all the same
It’s strength that’s held inside that seems to reason with the pain


Fleeing spirits shift directions going face to face
Full circle round to close that open case

These days of blind faith are exhausting and unsure
A glimmer of what can be if continued to endure
As sure as there’s belief in fate that opens doors
I’ll navigate the landscape and fulfill this life once more