1. What Was Us

From the recording Live Out Loud

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Music & lyrics by Lori Jacobs & Anne Davey
Produced by Static Puppy Productions


Another disappointment comes your way, what I don’t do, what I don’t say
It’s killing me, the things you say, makes no sense your reality
Communication holds the key, as long as it’s yours and not from me
Holding on for a ride, will it pass or will it die

I don’t believe that this is us, we dive so quick, we can’t come up
Strategic words slice love and trust, the more I hear the more I’m crushed
I hope your words were worth the gain of setting sail to build on pain
What was us, is not us now
What was us, is behind us now

While I listen to your reasoning, so sprinkled with the seasoning
It’s justified but on one side, will this cycle ever end?
I shift to speak my truths, met with condescending looks from you well I
I’m drowning in a litany, expecting to just follow suit


Voices raised, again I cringe, what good is it will we sink or swim
No use in stating my own case, I get knocked down, I won’t engage

Like scratching through a hardened shell, we struggle through to break that spell
I choose to hold the memories, of time we shared in brighter days
The road leads back or far beyond, it’s time, this time to face the song
The more we fight, the good is gone, The more we fight, the good is gone