1. Tell Me Please

From the recording Live Out Loud

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Music by Lori Jacobs
Lyrics by Lori Jacobs & Sharon Bitler
Arrangement by Lori Jacobs & Anne Davey
Produced by Static Puppy Productions


So many memories in my head, I remember how you looked and what you said
But you know, I'd do it all again
You think you torture me with those words wellI got everything I think I deserve
So move along, sing your own song

I left wanting more with you needing less
I'd do it all again I hate to confess
Whatever happened to what we believe
I thought it was love, someone tell me please

Can dreams continue whenseas are rough, This loud solitude is too damn tough
What did you want, why should I care
Whatever you say you got your way, now you got me slammin' doors
Am I going insane, I just don't know, doesn't seem fair

Now we move through the days as if we're free
But the clouds hang low and my heart still sees all the pain, surely no gain
Some thing I understand, some things I never will
Well now you know, I'm living on the edge