1. I'm Home

From the recording Live Out Loud

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Music by Lori Jacobs & Anne Davey
Lyrics by Lori Jacobs
Produced & recorded by Static Puppy


5am and I’m up again, running to catch the train
The morning fog swirls as the 645 moves this way
As commuters text their digital tomes, but the irony escapes them

Feelin’ nostalgic for the simpler things
Dreaming about the best of years right here
And I’m really thinking this time…. That I’m home

Drifting here and living there, facing things I wouldn’t dare
Met the crushing blow of loved ones fading slow, moved away to heal my soul


Met good people on the road stayed awhile but had to go
Come full circle just to turn back home, home, yeah home

Picking up where leaving off, finding peace in all that loss
No time like the present


And I’m really thinking this time, that I’m home