1. Wake Up

From the recording Live Out Loud

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Music by Lori Jacobs & Anne Davey
Lyrics by Lori Jacobs
Produced & recorded by Static Puppy


I’m not sure when this started, this quest for what is real
Each page turned can be lit or burned, the choice to crash or dream
Surely there’s a reason for the narrowing of time (time), does it serve to wake the soul
So it won’t be missed or stay behind

So, wake up, get up, get out (live out loud) and be part of here and now
No need to wait for anything there’s lots of life(last time - love) around

Time keeps ticking like the tides across the sea
You know it’s there but unaware of what that really means
I believe that nothing is by chance and all we touch is planned (planned)
Free will driven by heart or mind to fulfill a circumstance


Second guessing, second chances, gut reaction, take some action, your time is here

Dependably absent I miss a queue or two
Doesn't really matter but it may have skewed the view
Running 'round from place to place I bump into these clues
Of life unfolding and showing more of what I'm meant to do