Update 6/22 - Please check out our newly released song 'Listen (Rise Up, Stand Up)' below and share away! As we navigate the COVID situation here in the US, we have modified our schedule in order to consider our safety and yours to the best of our ability. This continues to be an evolving process so please stay tuned. We are focusing on songwriting and considering private events and small gatherings with precautions in place for everyone's best interests. We'll keep staying in touch through our YouTube and Facebook page. Please Subscribe and Like! We really appreciate it and miss you all terribly! Special thanks to those of you in the medical field and front lines of essential work, you are all amazing!

Bettenroo is a dynamic, versatile musical duo with undeniable vocal strength. Lori Jacobs & Anne Davey's flawlessly blended harmony is complemented with instrumental versatility of guitar, bass, and percussion.

Based in Delaware USA, Bettenroo performs nationally and internationally. They have been featured on Freeman Stage (a host to many national acts like Alison Kraus, Chicago, Melissa Etheridge, etc), Milton Theatre, WBOC's Delmarva Life, Florida's Gulf Coast & Keys, Ladybug Festival, New England as well as venues in New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and Belize. Audiences can't help but become an integral part of Anne and Lori's passionate musical delivery. Check out Bettenroo's CD 'Live Out Loud'.

Bettenroo performs mostly as a duo, however, they have tried and true professional musicians Patty DiModugno, Ashi Parmar and Ray Glucksman adding their talents for trio or 4 piece band flexibility. Regardless of the configuration, a Bettenroo show will energize your senses covering influential artists over the past five decades. Catch a show in your area!

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